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The Awareness Center offers
Kundalini Research Institute, KRI accredited 
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One and Level Two. 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One 

 Begins February 2021

  Our facilitators are Simran Kaur Khalsa, Gurutej Kaur Khalsa, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

and Dr. Santokh Singh Khalsa.  

For more information head here.


Kundalini Yoga Research Institute
Kundalini Yoga Research Institute

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2:

LifeCycles and LifeStyles 

begins again next October 9th, 2020!

  Our facilitators are Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Gurutej Kaur Khalsa, 

Simran Kaur Khalsa and Dr. Santokh Singh Khalsa.  


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Our mission is to provide you with a practice and technology to feel

comfortable in your body, connected and expressed in relationships,

fulfilled in your life's work and at peace with yourself. 

Through Kundalini yoga and meditation as well as many other transformational practices, 

we are here to inspire, uplift and empower you.



 2801 E. Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107