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Unveiling the Secrets of Plants: A Medicinal & Spiritual Ethnobotanical Journey✨ 

Saturday 06/8/24 1-3:00pm $35 

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✨Hypnosis Soundbath - Cultivate the Courage to be Seen w/Rachel & Elaine✨ 

Saturday 06/8/24 4-5:30pm $45 

June 8.png

✨Sage Cacao Sound Journey w/Micah Sheiner✨ 

Friday  06/28/24 7-8:30pm $45 

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✨SOUND. VISION. MANIFESTING! A Unique Sensory Immersive sound & healing journey✨ 

Saturday 06/29/24 7:30pm-9pm $38 


✨Kundalini Yoga Beginner's Series w/Dr. Santokh Khalsa, and Suraj Khalsa✨ 

Six Wednesdays 7-9pm July 10th-August 14th $85

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