S U N D A Y ,

A U G U S T  7th !

B R i N G   Y O U R   F R i E N D S 

      F O R   A   D A Y   O F   C O M M U N I T Y   A N D   F U N                 

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7:30 - 9 PM





B O O K   H E R E   N O W :


Align energy, body, & mind with simple toning & intention setting.

Open your Heart with gentle Cacao medicine.

Relax in the resonance of bowls, gongs, drums, flute, voice, & more!


* please bring yoga mats, blankets, & pillows


Micah Sheiner is a vibrational artist/healer. He explores & teaches sacred sound through bowls, gongs, voice, & a variety of shamanic instruments. Micah weaves soundscapes for healing, journeying, & meditation ~ conducting sound baths, individual sessions, & trainings in CA & internationally. www.resonantsoundscapes.com

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Learn the Healing
Art of Singing Bowls

with Micah Sheiner
Saturday, August 13th
1:30-6:30 pm

B O O K   H E R E   N O W:


Crescent Moon soundbath.png

Saturday, August 20 

7:30 - 9 PM


B O O K   H E R E   N O W :

The final illuminated fraction of the moon slowly begins to disappear becoming the New Moon. We will find that our emtions will reflect this. 

It's a time to declutter enrgetically and to find leaks in your life. This is an important time to create space to help us prepare for the New Moon and call in our highest vision or purpose.

This is in preparation of the Tyne new moon on 08/27/22. Immerse yourselves in the sounds from Anand’s instruments. Replenish...Deeply relax into the subconscious to clear anything that does not serve you.

*Please bring your blankets, pillows, friends, family, crystals/ stones and any essential oils. Most importantly, bring in your energy. Let’s vibrate together!!




FRIDAY, August 26


8 PM





B O O K   H E R E   N O W :


Come co-create a new vision of masculinity for our time: one that is loving and supportive of women, men, and all people!


The Sacred Brotherhood is a masculine support circle where we join for shamanic drumming, journeying, and healing. We connect with and deepen our power and vision through shared spiritual practice.


Shamanism offers us the tools to tune into our highest selves, our environment, and our helping spirits.


In coming months we will gather for powerful MANifestation practices, including a mutual empowerment ceremony where we uplift each other through holding each other in our power and our highest selves. Come join us at the Awareness Center!



7-9 PM


B O O K   H E R E   N O W :


Candlelight Constellations (Instagram Post (Square)).png

Join our evening Family Constellations Workshop this month and discover a fun, creative, and powerful resource for navigating through any sort of life challenge you may be facing. 


Investigate a health issue, an emotional struggle, a challenging career goal, or a relationship issue in our safe, supportive learning circle. We will help you discover a powerful new way to transform and improve any issue. 


When a group of people comes together with the common focus of discovery and improvement, the positive effects can be quite powerful. We look forward to meeting you!


About the facilitator: Jess Hagan is a healer who is passionate about engaging people in constructive dialogues that help them navigate out of a struggle they may be facing. She is the founder of Urban Healers of LA.com who has trained with the Awareness Center for many years. To learn more visit: http://www.urbanhealersofla.com