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Tap Into Some Inner Peace

The world is tumultuous.

Things are coming at us rapidly.

On our phones, through our TVs, in our high-tech computer assisted technologies.

But there is a way to tap into some inner peace. A way to block out the unnecessary noise and stress and reach inside and hear the voice that guides what is best for us and our community. A practice that grounds us, heals us, connects us, lifts us up.

If you are looking for that or want to deepen your practice, the Kundalini yoga teacher training level one is worth a try.

It’s hard. It takes commitment and passion and expects vulnerability and strength. I had been telling myself I wanted to do teacher training for ten years. There was always an excuse but the Awareness Center helped eliminate those and support me so I could take the leap.

There is never a good time to start something new but there is never a time when life stops either.

Last year was in fact the most difficult time in all of those years for me to do this. I was struggling to find work, and eventually had to relent to face the fact I had to pack all my belongings, and sell my house ( I didn’t want to and I didn’t want to leave California) at the end of three months into nine month training.

I went to all but one of training weekends ( I made up the hours at Winter Solstice this fall). They were physically and emotionally difficult but they and all of the requirements of yoga and meditation and learning became a new structure for me to get through it all.

During those trainings, we moved to many places while our home was staged to sell. We spent many nights in hotels, criss-crossed the country to stay with family back East. And for many weeks “camped” in our own staged home feeling like we were nearly homeless. We weren’t. We were blessed to have a place to stay but we kept having to pack up and leave for a night and then return in attempts to save the money we had left.

We went through numerous escrows and near-sales all summer long. It tested me. My self worth, my idea of who I was because so much of it had to do with where I lived and owning my own home.

But it was a community of wonderful people all wrestling with their own challenges in trying to keep up with the training that often kept me going. It gave me a goal when I thought I couldn’t find one and gave me meaning when I thought I had lost all sense of purpose. I had no idea when I started that teacher training would be the thing that rescued me from depression and keep moving forward when I really didn’t think I could, but it did.

And I found a family of heart-first, spiritual beings who all are striving to be their best and make this world its best. I am forever grateful to them, the Awareness Center and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Senta Scarborough is an award-winning journalist and Emmy-nominated producer.  She is the founder of Sentamatic Media focusing primarily on screenwriting, journalism and non-fiction projects. Her work has appeared in AdweekIntoUSA Today, E! News, US Weekly Magazine and Asheville Poetry Review, among others.  She currently serves on the board of directors for the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist’s Assocation. She holds her MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts from the University of California Riverside/Palm Desert. She lives in Los Angeles with her wife, Katie, and their dog, Sadie. Find her on social media @sentascar.

Join The Awareness Center for the experience of a lifetime - being a self-realized human being operating from your full potential.

The Awareness Center Kundalini Teacher Training is not for everyone. We are a boutique studio specializing in the direct lineage of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation taught by Yogi Bhajan. We are a dedicated, service-minded team that strives to deliver the purity of the teachings. We have been serving the San Gabriel Valley since 1974, and we have deep roots that ground us as we all learn to fly together. Our program is an intimate experience in connection, spiritual growth work, healing, and self-renewal. We only take 25 students so that we can give everyone personalized attention and support. You are seen and known by everyone in our community. As you shift and change, your fellow students and teachers help you to solidify your new habits by giving you a safe space to be yourself.

Awareness Center Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1 begins February 21, 2020. We have limited space available and have an interview process before acceptance into the program. Fill out your application and get your deposit in as soon as possible so that we can schedule your interview. Text or call Wahe Guru with any questions 626-274-4953 or head to


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