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Lost the Operating Instructions for Your Mind and Body?

Dearest Ones,

When we were born, none of us were handed a manual that would help us to understand and troubleshoot the extremely complicated mechanism that is called the human body. We didn’t arrive with the access to the files that would support us in navigating the intricacies of our mind. We certainly never downloaded the upgrades that would support our soul to radiate and shine within the density of the earth realm. It’s like God just dropped us off and said, “Okay, here you go, here’s your new body, parents, location, set of unique and challenging figure it out!”

At this point, you have probably done just about everything that you could to figure out this thing called life. You have great will power. You have tried using your winning formula and stellar personality to get what you want, you have attempted many spiritual practices, classes, workshops, you have read self-help books and gone on retreats at Mt. Shasta and in Bali. Or you have used your ego to control, manipulate, and strive for your preferences. You have gotten angry, depressed, sad, resentful. You have gotten mad at those around you. How come they aren’t giving me what I want?! You have tried to use your super-charms by being loving, helpful, and fun to be around. So how come they aren’t giving me what I want?! You have probably been successful at some things, and you have failed at others. You have lost opportunities and people in your life that you will never get back. You have gained knowledge, wisdom, and countless blessings. Ultimately we may realize that all of this is Maya, and each story represents the polarities within the illusions of the physical world. We are all unique individuals, and we all matter. In essence, we are one unified field of awareness. Here on earth, there is one quality that makes us all the same. We are human beings.

So why weren’t we given a manual?

An app? Anything?

It certainly would have been helpful.

You and I all know that the reason the Universe isn’t just handing out custom manuals is that NO ONE READS MANUALS. We all have to figure it out through trial and error. By risking everything or playing it safe. We all want to do it our own way. It can be quite painful at times to go about life with no guidance - it works sometimes - but most of the time, there are unexpected twists and turns that catch us off guard. Forget about consistent results every time. So, I want to just ask you, how is that going for you? If you aren’t getting the results you want or the balance you need, what are you going to do about it? Because unfortunately, you are the only one who can do anything about your problems.

Yup. That’s right.  

There is no magic pill you can take, no amount of money or time or love that is going to make it all better. So you may have your work cut out for you. But you don’t have to do it yourself. You are in good company. We all need to do our personal growth work, and we can do it alone, together.

One of my students once said that we had been given the missing manual for what it is to be human. That manual is the experience of being in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, level 1. That simple statement has rung in my heart and mind so many times since, and I have shared it with countless students.  

We WERE given the missing manual at birth, after all! The experience of being who we truly are. 

This is why we are so passionate about sharing our Kundalini Teacher Training with you. At the Awareness Center, we know that this technology works, and it works fast, exactly when we need it. It’s instant access, a direct connection. NO WIFI needed. We know without a doubt that this is one of the most powerful experiences that one can have because we have had the experience ourselves. We don’t need to convince anyone how great our program is, because you can see plainly that students are being transformed by the profound wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. You can see it in the light in their eyes, the purpose in their step, and the positive actions that they are taking in all areas of their lives. You can tell what an incredible journey it is through their stories of past pain healed and new love and abundance received. You will see Teacher Training graduates out in the world who are working their daily spiritual practice and connecting to their inner truth and knowing. We celebrate the unique expression of every new teacher that does the rigorous work to graduate from our high caliber training program.

The Awareness Center Kundalini Teacher Training is not for everyone. We are a boutique studio specializing in the direct lineage of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation taught by Yogi Bhajan. We are a dedicated, service-minded team that strives to deliver the purity of the teachings. We have been serving the San Gabriel Valley since 1974, and we have deep roots that ground us as we all learn to fly together. Our program is an intimate experience in connection, spiritual growth work, healing, and self-renewal. We only take 25 students so that we can give everyone personalized attention and support. You are seen and known by everyone in our community. As you shift and change, your fellow students and teachers help you to solidify your new habits by giving you a safe space to be yourself.

The Awareness Center Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is not a Hollywood type of experience. Most of us don’t wear top brands to class or Diva out in fancy outfits. We’re not here to be famous, we are here to love and serve others. We are a grounded, homey studio that feels very relaxed and comfortable. The perfect place to relax and be you. We provide a specialized Ashram experience through home-cooked vegetarian meals, lifestyle demonstrations (such as techniques for turban tying), early morning Sadhana (group practice), nature hikes, breathwalk, cooking classes, gong training, and a field trip to the Gurdwara Sikh Temple. While we exemplify and follow the highest KRI standards, we also bring our own special touch of coziness and love to the training.

The Awareness Center Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is not easy. The best things never are. Through the kriyas, meditations, exercises, family groups, reading, discussion, the practice pushes you to find what your “personal best” is. It’s not a competition, we are all here to support each other. It’s like the most difficult hard core therapy session, personal training session, and ego confrontation rolled into one - followed by a delicious meal and lots of warm hugs. We have high expectations for you - you will do several 40-day personal sadhanas and a 20-day early morning group sadhana. There is no judgment here. We operate with a principle of ruthless compassion. We are here to love and accept you, even when you can’t. We train you how to love and accept yourself. We push you to work hard and feel the multitude of benefits of our practice. To live a fulfilled life, walking in your Dharma, you must rise up with a “Keep Up” attitude. We support you in finding that ever uprising spirit within yourself.

If you are reading my message here, then you are one of the few chosen ones. The Universe has put this in your path and offered you a lifeline. To save you. To heal you. To uplift you. To support you in living your dreams. We are the lucky ones, we were given this technology, and we chose to use it in our everyday lives to make the world a better place. Let’s face it. The world needs us to be operating at our very best. We need this. So take a risk, take a leap, take a small step in the direction of hope and peace.  

Join us for the experience of a lifetime - being a self-realized human being operating from your full potential. You can finally get your copy of the missing manual. When you realize that it was always there within you.

Awareness Center Kundalini Teacher Training, Level 1 begins February 21, 2020. We have limited space available and have an interview process before acceptance into the program. Fill out your application and get your deposit in as soon as possible so that we can schedule your interview.  Text or call me with any questions 626-274-495.

Love and Blessings, 

Wahe Guru Kaur and the Awareness Center Teacher Training Staff


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