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A Letter from Dr. Khalsa and Suraj

Dear Awareness Center Community:

We want to introduce ourselves for those of you who we have not met. We are Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C. and Suraj Kaur Khalsa and we are now co-directors of the Awareness Center. In 1975 we started teaching Kundalini Yoga in this area. This was the beginning of the Awareness Center. We continued to manage the center for many years until Wahe Guru stepped forward and took over in 2004. She has expanded the center to reach thousands of people in our community. She has already written you a letter explaining her desire to give the center back to the community and we have stepped in to oversee the transition.

We have practiced and taught Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years. Even after all those years, it still is our foundation. The balance, clarity, and consciousness that it gives us has helped us in all aspects of our lives. We are 100% committed to offering this yoga into the future. We have worked on the finances and found a way for the Awareness Center to thrive even though the rent has been doubled. We have assembled a team of volunteers that are taking care of the workings of a yoga studio: cleaning, bookkeeping, gardening, front desk, website, newsletters, social media, shopping, etc. We are also renting space out to some powerful healers to increase our revenues. We will introduce you to them in future newsletters.

Everything will continue as it has been. All of our teachers, including Wahe Guru and her husband Gurudarshan, will continue to teach their regular classes, and we will be adding more classes in the near future. We will be offering more events and workshops on the weekends. Keep an eye out for the new classes and events that we will be adding. The passes you have bought before the transition will continue to be honored.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at Let us know how the transition is going for you and how we can continue to offer the powerful Kundalini yoga that we have been teaching since 1975.

Sat Nam,

Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C. Suraj Kaur Khalsa Co-Directors of the Awareness Center


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