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Julie Weingarten, CHt 

Julie Weingarten is a Certified Hypnotherapist, practicing in Altadena, Eagle Rock and now at the Awareness Center in Pasadena.  She has a background in child development which sparked her interest in how our brains work and process information.  Hypnosis works by helping one to access the 88% of our brain that we’re not cognitively using, in order to better align our subconscious with our conscious mind.  An excellent side effect of hypnotherapy is that it is extremely relaxing!  Julie works with clients for issues ranging from habit control to stress relief to motivation to trauma release  In addition, she helps clients to explore and heal their pasts through inner child work and past life regressions.  Julie also teaches hypnosis for child birth and works with children for various issues beginning at the age of 5.  To find out more, please visit https://www.julieweingartenhypnotherapy.com/ 

and feel free to reach out to her at julieweingartenhypno@gmail.com.


Follow Julie on Instagram: @julie_w_cht and Facebook at @julieweingartenhypno 

Julie is now managing and working out of the Space Co-Op (housed within the Awareness Center) with Maryem Irias, MFT, Integrative Therapist.  Julie will provide private sessions and facilitate a variety of collaborative workshops with Maryem.  The Space Co-Op will offer many additional services from a variety of practitioners and healers.  For more information, please follow @space_co_op.

Client Testimonials

"When I first started seeing Julie Weingarten for hypnotherapy, I felt a little desperate. I had tried so many different types of treatment for my condition, both Western medicine and alternative medicines. Nothing had made much of a difference. I have a condition called fibromyalgia, and the constant pain and chronic fatigue was wearing me down. I used to like to think of myself as a ‘life loving, fun person’, but the fibromyalgia was winning. I found myself on disability, bed bound and depressed. The first time I came to see Julie I was radiating negativity. By the end of our session I had a renewed sense of hope, and within four sessions I was becoming myself again. Julie has given me the tools to combat that negativity. Not only is she a knowledgable professional, but she has a warmth to her that immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel safe. I would recommend her to anyone suffering from literally anything. Be it either emotional or physical. With Julie Weingarten’s help I now have a quality of life again.”

"Oh my goodness Julie - I can’t stop saying how I think it really helped! It took a little bit and the changes were so subtle I barely noticed at first but lately its incredible. He has been so much braver in general and way less stressed about meeting new people - he is so changed and just a more reasonable version of himself. And sometimes he’s downright brave! It’s awesome. Can’t wait to see how the start of school goes this week”. 

"Ok I’m blown away. They called his name today and he ran right up to the teacher in a room full of people clapping (which would usually paralyze him) - no need for our help. Had a great first day!” -Mother of a 5 Year Old Client