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About The Awareness Center 

The Awareness Center is a sacred community.  It is a home for your heart to relax and your spirit to simply be.  It is our expression of a world where people feel “at home” in all areas of life.


We are here to teach you how to be “at home” and at ease within your body/mind/spirit.  Our teachers and staff are a living demonstration of how to be “at home” within all relationships. We practice sacred commerce and teach you how to be vibrant, prosperous and “at home” in your work. We empower you to discover and live your purpose, in order to be “at home” in the world.


We provide outstanding experiences of transformation, healing, empowerment and peace.  Our classes, workshops, events, trainings and people are a living expression of love, devotion, truth and service.  We create consciously aware leaders, teachers and healers.  We are here to make a difference, to create a ripple of higher consciousness that touches all. We are here to heal ourselves, each other and the world.

The Awareness Center is a place where dreams are born and gently tended into physical manifestation.  We invite you to let go of your limitations.  We invite you to follow your heart’s calling.  We invite you to step into a space where anything is possible.  Welcome home.


About Kundalini Yoga 


Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive system of yoga at is combines meditation, prayer, asana (physical postures), and pranayama (breathing exercises). “Kundalini” literally means “the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved.” This poetic metaphor refers to the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us, enabling us to merge with the Universal Self. Yoga, literally translated as “divine union”, happens when the individual and universal consciousness are merged. The Upanishads, the sacred scriptures of Hinduism that date back to the fifth century B.C., provided a written description of Kundalini, although the oral tradition dates back even further. For thousands of years, this sacred science and technology was veiled in secrecy, passed along in the oral tradition from master to chosen disciple.

Kundalini Yoga was designed for the householder: those who live in the world, who have families and jobs, and who want to balance the inner and outer world. Kundalini Yoga fits the busy lives that most of us lead. It is effective, efficient and easy. People who practice Kundalini Yoga say they can feel changes in the body and psyche within a few minutes, and experience even deeper changes through regular practice. Although it can be practiced religiously each day, yoga is not a religion. A more accurate description of yoga would be to say that it is an ancient science.